You’re 50 or older and you’re looking for a job

AUTHOR: Darlene Zambruski
POSTED: November 15, 2011 at 11:39 am

Seeking employment at any age and in a poor economy will be daunting to most. Add in the worry about being too seasoned and you may wonder if you have a chance.

You do. What employers want is quite simple:

1. An employee that requires little to no training

2. Someone who works well with others and fits easily into the company structure

3. An achiever rather than an individual who just puts in his/her time

Experienced professionals can easily meet the above ‘wish list’. However, to wow an employer it’s important to structure your resume in a certain manner to showcase what you can offer.

Let your decades of expertise work in your favor.

Begin with an opening summary that proves you are the ideal candidate for the position. Dovetail all that you know to what the employer needs. Add one, preferably two, recent/relevant/quantified accomplishments.

Follow that section with even more accomplishments. Most candidates won’t do that. So you’re already well ahead of the pack. Make certain that you add dollar figures of cost savings or earnings, time periods in which the achievement took place and how you managed to excel. Tell a story.

Your professional experience comes next. Don’t make the mistake of listing every job from college on. Go back no further than 15 years (10 for someone in IT). You’ll avoid age discrimination that way. Again, focus on the results of what you did rather than tasks. There are many individuals who can do the same job. There aren’t as many who can make the company money or save it money.

End with your education. If you’re 50 or older it’s best to leave off dates of graduation. Again, you don’t want to invite age discrimination. You want to compel the hiring manager to offer you an interview.

Don’t let anything stop you from attaining your goals.

It isn’t always age that keeps a candidate from succeeding. It’s not knowing what to showcase in a resume or how to organize the document.

Keep the above tips in mind and you’ll stand out from the rest.