Rachel W.

Rachel is a skilled résumé writer with a background concentrating on
non-profit and financial development. Her experience encompasses working as
a development officer and relationship manager for the 5th largest bank in
the U.S. where she expanded on her years of focusing on meeting client
needs. Her background knowledge includes administrative and support
services, banking, non-profits, customer service, finance, economics,
financial services, and sales. With experience in résumé writing and
interview coaching in these fields Rachel is able to showcase
characteristics and experiences that employers are seeking in their next
hire. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a
focus in Finance, International Business, and Spanish.

Résumé Tip

Review multiple job descriptions that look interesting or may be similar to
your ideal position. Understanding what employers are looking for will help
you decide which experiences and strengths to highlight in your résumé.


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