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What Customers Are Saying About Michelle

“"Michelle was knowledgable and a pleasure to work with. I would recommend her and ResumeEdge to other job seekers in my situation."”

~ Rashid A.

“I'm completely speechless right now. Even though I never met Michelle, I feel that she truly knew me inside and out. We connected through email and she took my endeavors to the next level. Thank you again for taking the time out to help me, Michelle. I am a very satisfied customer.”

~ Katrena C.

“Great experience with Michelle! I needed some independent assistance to put my experience in a clear and concise format.”

~ Laura R.

“Michelle did a great job on the resume.”

~ Gessica S.

“I enjoyed being able to speak directly with my writer, Michelle, over the phone; it made the processes a lot easier.”

~ Brian L.

“I'm satisfied, and loved not having to write my resume by myself.”

~ Antoinette W.

“I want to thank Michelle, who truly made my resume one hundred times better than it previously was. I can tell that she's a professional who is amazing at her job.”

~ Ryan M.

“You are only the second resume service I have used in my life time. The resume that Michelle provided is outstanding!”

~ Wehart H.

“Thank you for your help with my resume, cover letter and LinkedIn Profile. I submitted the resume Sunday, was called in for an interview on Wednesday and received an offer today!”

~ Paul L.

“I really appreciated the time Michelle took to talk with me over the phone.  She was very attentive and is great to work with.”

~ Lauren A.

“Michelle was great, very competent and adapted fast to my needs.”

~ Nadine Y.

“I really enjoyed working with Michelle. She was very thorough and had great questions for me. I am extremely pleased with the result!”

~ Catherine B.

“I was very impressed with Michelle and would recommend without hesitation and use the service again myself! She was very attentive to details mentioned in the phone interview.”

~ Grant W.

“I really liked that my editor gave me a call, and that she was so personable. After speaking with her, I felt much more comfortable about paying for this service, and I am sure after reading my resume and cover letter that I will have no trouble getting interviews!”

~ Laila A.

“Michelle P. was fantastic; she took the time to ask the right questions, to understand me as an individual, and to put into powerful words the person and attributes that I was attempting to portray to prospective employers. I highly recommend ResumeEdge and maintain the highest possible level of respect for Michelle and her incredible abilities. As in all cases, it is the company that owns the name and the reputation, but it is ALWAYS the company's people that make the company a success. Thank-you so much ResumeEdge, and in particular, many, many thanks to Michelle Peters.”

~ Bradford D.

“The best part was the personal service. The editor spent about an hour on the phone with me. The conversation provided Michelle with more information than I would ever have been able to get down on paper.”

~ Brian S.

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ResumeEdge has more than 40 professional resume writers with personal experience in over 40 industries—including the one you want a job in. Our resume writers have written more than 100,000 resumes, are certified through an ongoing QA process, and create compelling resumes using a highly collaborative process.

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