Michelle K.

Michelle has more than 10 years of hiring and recruiting experience for companies like Novartis and IBM. She is the Recruitment, Editor and Content Manager for ResumeEdge. She recruits and hires the ResumeEdge resume writers, provides training and ongoing support, and maintains resume quality through a strenuous QA process. She also manages content strategy and strategic partnerships and serves as a subject matter expert on the job search process. She has gained insight into the recruitment and hiring needs of aerospace, information technology, pharmaceutical, engineering, retail and manufacturing for Global companies. Through her professional work she has researched and created recruitment strategies, prepared students with the skills needed to find a position. In addition she has written and edited hundreds of resumes. She holds a Masters of Arts in Management with an emphasis in Leadership. During her studies she learned life coaching and has a passion to help others find their perfect career and give them the tools to be successful. Michelle has placed thousands of candidates in positions and knows what it takes to get the job.

Resume Tip

Customize each resume for each position you are applying. You’ll want to match your skills as closely to the skills listed in the job posting. If you don’t your resume will fall short of making the cut.


About Our Resume Writers

ResumeEdge has more than 40 professional resume writers with personal experience in over 40 industries—including the one you want a job in. Our resume writers have written more than 100,000 resumes, are certified through an ongoing QA process, and create compelling resumes using a highly collaborative process.

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