Kathy L.

Kathy is a National Certified Counselor (NCC) and holds higher education degrees in Career Counseling with professional experience in the areas of job search assistance, job readiness, and career choice. She is an expert resume writer who has critiqued hundreds of resumes, cover letters, curricula vitae and other job search materials across various academic disciplines to help job seekers professionally highlight their accomplishments, catch the attention of recruiters and hiring managers, and ultimately, assist them in securing an interview. Kathy’s professional background includes directing comprehensive career counseling services for university students, alumni, and community members to help them successfully navigate career and life transitions. Her familiarity with job seekers and employers alike provides her with a solid understanding of how hiring decisions are made and the skills necessary to target and present to employers. An experienced college-level instructor, trainer, and group facilitator, Kathy has taught career development courses and presented on career topics including labor market trends and career information resources for thousands of people


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