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Will a Professional Resume Improve Your Chances?

CATEGORY: Build a Better Resume
POSTED: October 1, 2013 at 8:19 am

by Vicki H, ResumeEdge Certified Writer –

In dealing with challenging job markets, candidates are often too focused on how they see the world. Businesses that hire candidates can be good sources of information on professional resumes and how to improve your chances of getting hired.

Here are some topics exploring the business world’s perspectives toward professional resumes:

Editors Note: Countless studies have shown that professionally-written resumes get more interviews. Compare Resume Writing and Resume Editing to see which of our services is right for you.

Business Groups and Press Focus on Resumes

Your field is often a very good place to start. For example, the Project Management Institute (PMI) is a touchstone for expertise in project management. Using their own well-studied techniques, they produce very good guidance on what professional hiring managers would like to see in a resume. Business and professional groups are usually very oriented to the bottom line. They point out how having a professional resume is a very efficient way to do business because you are making the manager’s job of finding you easier, and therefore your chances of getting hired are better.

There seems to be something of a cottage industry in the business press of publishing articles on resume makeovers of real people. CIO Magazine, for one, offers numerous articles on resume makeovers. They cover real people and give good insight into how managers view professional resumes. They take good resumes of successful candidates and make them even better. These sources of information can sometimes offer better insights about professional resumes because they reflect the views of decision-makers.

Businesses Value Good Writing

An article at CNN Money describes resume showstoppers from a hiring manager’s point of view, as well as red flags that immediately remove you from consideration. Many of the red flags go beyond the usual “don’ts”  like grammatical mistakes. In fact, some of the flags involve what is perhaps the hardest-to-achieve goal: old-fashioned good writing. All professional resumes can avoid these writing red flags and help get you get past the first hurdle:

  • Bad writing or lack of communication skills. Your resume is your chance to show that you can communicate about topics the employer is vitally interested in: his or her business and hiring good people. Considering that a professional resume is your chance to really communicate with a decision-maker, it is worth getting professional help. Professional resume writers’ first goal is helping you to communicate your unique abilities and achievements, and employers are listening because they cannot succeed without hiring good people.

Many times job hunters, especially in the early stage, are focused on getting all of their information on paper, and do not realize they are burying key information of great interest in the current job search. Professional resume writers help you define the most relevant key words and how to shape your resume to make this information easily accessible to hiring managers.

  • Lack of achievements, not conveying real results. Here again, professional writers can help. Good writers know that the concrete and specific almost always wins over the vague and generalized. Taking the extra step of really thinking about what you have done and the result, instead of grabbing the first handy phrase, will give the hiring manager concrete and interesting information that they need and will set you apart.

Finding out everything you can about the decision-makers is a good sales tip, and in this case, the product representing you is your professional resume. Make the hiring manager’s life easier, not to mention fulfilling a vital business need, by seeking out the business point of view to enhance your resume.

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