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We all know change is inevitable, right? Well, after much thought and consideration, and nearly 30 years of improving resumes for people across the globe, Peterson’s has decided to wind down our interests in ResumeEdge. While the service will be temporarily unavailable to new users, there’s a new strategy in the works, and we hope to introduce a new version shortly – please check back soon for more information.

If you just signed up for ResumeEdge, don’t worry, we’ve got your back and will continue to provide you with our services through March 31st. We know that many of you have come to rely on ResumeEdge, and we want to thank you all for your trust in our product, and encourage you to come back for more information on how to access the new product.

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What exactly is a resume mill?

AUTHOR: Darlene Zambruski
POSTED: August 7, 2012 at 9:55 am

Go online and you’ll see countless resume writing services. Some large. Many more small. All of them tout the advantages of their particular service, whether it’s speedy turn around, low prices, satisfaction guarantees or freebies.

Some make the additional claim that they are not resume writing mills.

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By that, one would suppose that they don’t do many resumes. They can take a great amount of time to construct a custom template and work with a client at their (and the client’s) leisure for as long as deemed possible.

On the surface that sounds nice, but if you dig a bit deeper…

Do You Really Want to Use a Service That Hasn’t Done Many Resumes?

1. Just because a service does many, rather than a few, resumes doesn’t mean it’s a mill. If clients keep returning for additional services and/or recommend the service to their friends, colleagues, acquaintances, then that site is doing something right. How many resumes they’ve done is not an indication that they won’t do the next correctly or will boilerplate it. In fact, their expertise speaks for itself with the volume they continue to receive.

Templates aren’t Content – Content is King

2. Having a custom template designed for your resume won’t get you the job. Hiring managers and recruiters don’t care about fonts or how pretty your resume looks. Yes, they insist on professional presentation and a font that’s easy to read, but that’s about it. What they’re worried about is content. It’s better to have your resume writer spend his or her time organizing data and revising verbiage for maximum impact than it is to spend hours on design.

A Resume Writer’s Background Matters

3. Even if a writer can spend countless hours on your product, are those hours well spent? Is the writer an expert in your field? At smaller concerns, run by one or two individuals, it’s unlikely that either or both will be expert in all industries. Some may be able to ace a Marketing or Healthcare resume, but will be inexperienced with detailed Information Technology data. Although these sites may claim that personalized service is better than working with a contract resume writer, is that really true? That contract writer may have worked at Oracle – the company you’re excited about. Does it matter if they’re contract, or is it more important that they know industry jargon and the nuances of the position?

At ResumeEdge we employ only the most talented, experienced and successful resume writers in 40+ industries. We want our IT, Engineering, Legal, Healthcare and editors in other industries to have real-world knowledge. It’s not enough that they can write well. They must understand the industries they work in. That’s critical to a successful job search for the client.

The next time you’re online searching for a resume writing service keep in mind that personalized doesn’t mean expert, nor does it mean that larger companies don’t offer that same one-on-one. ResumeEdge always has and always will, including telephone contact with clients. And keep in mind that customized templates have nothing to do with content. Hiring managers and recruiters want accomplishment-focused rather than task-based resumes. How different they look from other applicants’ resumes isn’t key. How they paint you as the perfect candidate for the position is what’s most important.

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