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Top Resume Questions Answered by Our Expert

AUTHOR: Darlene Zambruski
POSTED: October 29, 2013 at 9:05 am

Our second Ask the Expert series on Google+ was a huge success. We had hundreds of viewers and more than 70 resume, cover letter, LinkedIn and job interview questions asked. As the Managing Editor of ResumeEdge, I enjoyed providing answers to your questions.

I wasn’t able to get to all of them, so I’ll provide a few answers here:

Questions Asked; Answers Provided:

Donna: It gets really frustrating to send out so many resumes and not hear anything back. Why don’t companies at least tell you why they rejected you?

My answer: I know how disheartening it can be to apply and never know why you weren’t considered. As a hiring manager, I wish I could personally respond to every applicant, but it’s simply not possible. We receive more than 20 resumes daily for our openings. If we were to respond to each individual, we wouldn’t have much time to do anything else. Some applicants take rejection in stride and move on to the next opportunity. Others want to argue their point as to why they’re the most qualified. Trust me, arguing isn’t going to change any hiring manager’s mind. We’re all trying to do the best for our companies. It’s never personal.


Janice: I’ve been running a small creative design studio offering web and print creative services for the last seven years and desire to change roles. I wonder if my title as Founder, Web Graphic Designer is a hindrance while I’m seeking employment.

My answer: Not necessarily, Janice. Starting and operating any company takes determination, persistence and good business sense. Hiring managers consider those positive traits. Therefore, in your resume, you should showcase your skills in organization, client relations, sales (you had to build a clientele), management, operations, etc. Not everyone has founded their own company. This actually puts you ahead of the competition.


Connor: I’ve read I should change my resume for each job. Why? It still has the same information.

My answer: While that’s true on its face, you need to consider that a hiring manager will take no more than seven seconds to consider your application. Therefore, it’s important that you dovetail what you know and can do to the job’s requirements in your resume’s opening summary. Even with similar jobs, some responsibilities will be more important to the hiring manager of company “A” than they are to the one at company “B”. You need to spoon feed the information to the individual. If you make them look for it, most won’t. They’ll simply move on to the next candidate.

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Grace: Over the last 30 years, I’ve changed careers 3 times. Now, I’m looking to go back to my first career. It’s last in my experience section. How do I get it to stand out?

My answer: What you want to do is separate your Professional Experience into sections. The first section you’d title “Relevant Experience”. You’d put your first career information there. You’d then follow that area with a section titled “Other Experience”. That way, the hiring manager will see your most relevant experience first.

A note of caution: If your first career experience is dated, you need to show the hiring manager that you’ve maintained industry skills/knowledge. Have you renewed certifications or kept up with continuing education in your field? If not, you should.


Thanks for all the great questions.

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