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To Find a Job – Go Where the Recruiters Go

AUTHOR: Darlene Zambruski
POSTED: February 12, 2013 at 8:49 am

That’s the advice found in How to Use Social Media to Find a Job – an article on SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management). They are the HR experts and I couldn’t agree more with their take on finding employment.

It’s Not Enough to Simply Apply for Positions

Not in today’s depressed job market. You have to think like a hiring manager and a recruiter. You have to make yourself visible to them. How do you do that?

LinkedIn is One of the Most Important Venues

The article states, “According to Jobvite, 89 percent of U.S. companies are now using social networking to recruit. And LinkedIn, with 135 million members worldwide, accounts for 73 percent of hires through social media. LinkedIn’s Communication Manager Richard George says more than 7,400 companies use LinkedIn Recruiter to find ‘passive candidates’.”


(Photo: Technorati)

However, It Doesn’t Stop There

In addition to having your profile on LinkedIn there are other steps you can take to become ‘known’ to hiring authorities. The article suggests:

  • Become a regular contributor to LinkedIn discussions. Groups often send emails to their members with current discussion topics. By participating,  you’ll be proving your expertise.
  • Locate the blogs of companies you’re interested in and comment on them. There’s no better way for a hiring manager to notice an industry ‘expert’.
  • If the company you’re targeting has a Facebook presence, find their page, ‘like’ it, and post comments.
  • Use Twitter to tweet about and tag companies you’re focusing on.
  • Make certain to retweet those comments relevant to your job search

By doing all of the above you’ll become a ‘regular’ to hiring managers and recruiters. A known entity. It’s easier to invite someone you know to interview, rather than a stranger. Becoming an active participant on social media allows you to showcase your knowledge, skills, abilities without any obvious effort. You’re helping others by providing answers to their questions or commenting on their topics. And while you’re doing so, you’re proving yourself to be an invaluable asset to your industry.

Don’t let social media pass you by – use it to its full advantage and reap the rewards.

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