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Tips for New Grads to Get That First Job

CATEGORY: Employment Tips, Find the Right Job
POSTED: July 23, 2013 at 7:36 am

by Lou H, ResumeEdge Certified Writer

When a college journey comes to a close, graduating students often find themselves in an exciting, yet frightening situation. You know how it can be: After years of having a place to always be and an identity of who you are on campus, it can be unsettling to suddenly feel lost, without direction after graduating. You may be uncertain of what lies ahead as you transition from being a student to becoming an individual in a world of competitors who are also actively seeking jobs.

Make Yourself Stand Out…

So what can you do to stand out in a crowd? How can you go about showcasing your abilities and academic training on your resume? If you send out a hastily written document that needs improvement, you risk losing that one chance at catching a potential employer’s eye. Consider using a professional resume writing service. The return on investment will be well worth the cost in time saved securing a job.

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Highlight Your Strengths…

Three main areas to focus on will be your academic achievements in your field, your expertise gained through hands-on work in that area, and your involvement in community endeavors.

  • Consider the experience you have in your field, expand on your responsibilities, and most of all, highlight your accomplishments. Closely evaluate what you’ve achieved while serving on committees, teams, and your involvement in specific projects and assignments. You most likely will be pleasantly surprised as to what experience you have gained.
  • A list of completed courses related to your major are clearly important to present. Stating your degree isn’t enough. When you detail the coursework you have completed, the reader more clearly sees what you have studied and have knowledge in. Of course, honors and a high GPA need to be listed as well.

Involvement with campus and community networking activities showcases your drive and ambition, especially if you can bring out points that relate to your career of choice. For example, if you are looking for a position as a management trainee, it is helpful for the potential employer to see that you served in a leadership capacity at your school or within your community.

Dave Johnson, who writes for CBS MoneyWatch, has put together an article to help new college grads grasp specific tips to guide students in their job search:

  • Make it browsable
  • Use keywords
  • Don’t make it all about you
  • Beware of errors
  • Know what to cut

Arm Yourself With the Right Tools…

The bottom line is to make sure that you provide yourself with all the tools necessary to secure the job of your dreams. Perhaps the first position you accept won’t be one that you plan on keeping forever, but set your sites on landing a job that can serve as a stepping stone toward your ultimate career goal. Utilizing online networking sites with others who are on the same career path is always a good idea and a strong social media profile can help you gain visibility on the web.

Most of all, don’t grow discouraged! Get ahead of the game by beginning your job search before you actually graduate. Each day, set aside a block of time to devote entirely to researching possible companies and positions. Persistence in sending out your resume, along with a good cover letter specifically geared toward the job, will pay off.


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