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Surprising places to find jobs in this economy

AUTHOR: Darlene Zambruski
POSTED: September 28, 2012 at 8:02 am

We all know how tough it’s been on jobseekers these last few years. Too many qualified – or overly-qualified – candidates vying for the same position.  Companies contracting, merging, going belly up. So where are the jobs in this new economy?

A recent article on listed a surprising entry:

Online Affiliates

That’s right. The Great Recession has pushed employers towards the internet and a virtual work force. According to the article: “One of the top online corporations giving jobs to hundreds of thousands of Americans is Online Business Systems.”

Welcome to Internet Employment

These jobs pay well and are hassle free. Imagine working at home in shorts and a tee shirt. Social networking sites and web applications are making this a reality. They need talented individuals for their workforce.  Do you need a degree to apply? Nope. That’s the beauty of it. As long as you have access to a computer and you’re able to type, you have a shot. There is a $9.99 fee (shipping/handling) to get your starter kit. However, they do have a free trial. Check them out at Online Business Systems.

Positions That Pay Exceedingly Well

For the other top jobs that are currently available, you will need a degree. In some cases, an advanced degree. However, they pay exceedingly well. Here they are in terms of the most favorable after working at home.

2. Mathematician – $95,000 annually, on average

3. Actuary – $87,000 annually, on average

4. Statistician – $73,208 annually, on average

5. Computer Systems Analyst – $$77,000 annually, on average

Landing one of these will take an appropriate academic background, knowledge/skills/abilities and an impactful resume. You may very well have all the qualities hiring managers or recruiters seek in a candidate; however, if your resume buries this information, rather than showcasing it properly, you will be waiting a long time for an interview.

At ResumeEdge, we have been helping job seekers since 1998. Our experienced, resume writers are certified and have industry knowledge in 40+ fields.

The Great Recession didn’t take away all opportunities. The above jobs are ones that are obtainable with the appropriate background, persistence and an interview winning resume.