The Reasons Your Resume Isn’t Getting Calls

AUTHOR: Michelle K.
POSTED: June 17, 2014 at 2:04 pm

You’ve tailored your resume, written unique cover letters, sent your follow-up emails. So why haven’t you heard anything back?

1. You’re Not Using Keywords

Sure, you followed all the online directions, submitting Word docs of your resume and cover letter, dutifully filling out your contact info. But here’s the thing—no one may have actually looked at your resume.

When you submit your resume and cover letter in Word format via online submission channels, it’s usually so recruiters or hiring managers can scan your application for keywords that fit the position they’re hiring for. So make sure you’re really examining the position description, and incorporate keywords from it into your resume and cover letter.

2. Disparities Between Your Resume and Your Social Presence     

Maybe you’re great about keeping your resume up-to-date, since that’s what you’re constantly finessing in order to apply for different jobs. But don’t neglect your online persona. If a recruiter or hiring manager finds your resume interesting, the first place they will head after that is your LinkedIn profile.

Is your profile picture professional and recent? Is all of your job information relevant? Are you listing all the projects and achievements that have already found their way to your resume? Take a few minutes to make sure the information on your resume and any other professional online profiles you have match.

3. You’re Just Not Qualified

These days, the job market is extremely competitive. More than likely, if you apply for a position that for which you don’t meet the specific qualifications, you’re not going to hear back. There is likely someone else for whom that job is a perfect fit—just like there will eventually be the perfect fit for you. Hiring managers want to hire the talent they need when they need it; unless it’s an entry-level position, they probably don’t want to put someone in the position that is going to need to time to level up.

4. You’re Not Applying to Enough Positions

It sounds awful, but there are so many things out there that you’re not likely to find the perfect fit on the first go-around. Apply, apply, apply. Set aside time each day to sit down and search for new positions, tailor your resume and cover letter to that job, and then move through the application process.

Make sure you really take the time to do this. You may be making minor errors on applications without even realizing it, and those minor errors will knock you out of the running almost more than anything else.