Marian’s Resume – Before and After

Strategy for The New Resume

At first glance, Marian’s old resume is text heavy and dense, making it daunting to read. The information is scattered, forcing a hiring manager or recruiter to search for crucial facts. Most won’t. They want clear visual cues to find what they’re searching for.

In the new ResumeEdge resume, we began with the tag “Chief Technology Officer” to give a clear focus of what Marian is looking for in terms of a position. Within seconds, the hiring manager knows her continued goal is to be a CTO. This is not a career transition resume. It’s important to make the distinction quickly for the hiring authority, especially in our current economy.

Rather than describing Marian’s 30+ years of experience as she did on her old resume, which may invite age discrimination, we focused on her skills, knowledge, and abilities. Additionally, we included a list of key words (platform development, application architecture, etc.) to ensure that her resume would be detected by scanning software and would be read by someone in HR.

Following the strong opening summary we created for her, we went a step further by creating a separate, clearly labeled Career Accomplishments section. This area showcases her achievements with additional information that provides greater insight into her results.

In Marian’s Professional Experience section, we bulleted the information, rather than presenting it in large blocks of text. As noted above, unbroken text makes a document difficult to read.

Lastly, we presented the work history to show that Trebmans purchased PTM Controls, data missing from Marian’s original resume. With the new format, it clearly shows Marian’s employment is seamless and without gaps.

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