Thomas’ Resume – Before and After

Strategy for the New Resume

As the first lines of a resume are highly valuable real estate—meant to capture and maintain a hiring manager’s interest—we chose to provide concrete evidence as to why Thomas is the perfect candidate for the stated position.

In his submitted resume, Thomas relies on an objective statement, which tells the hiring manager what he wants (“To pursue a career as a Licensed Registered Nurse with a hospital where motivation and ambition are encouraged and rewarded.”). Although the stated goal is commendable, the focus is solely on the candidate and not at all on the hospital.

The ResumeEdge edited resume focuses on what Thomas can do for the hospital, to add to its efficiency and success, including the fact that he’s:

  1. An accomplished Nursing Graduate
  2. Has a substantial background in Emergency Department work
  3. Is bilingual—fluent in English and Spanish (moved from the bottom of the original resume to the top of the ResumeEdge resume, where it’s more easily found)

Without a strong opening summary, an applicant’s resume won’t be read.

We condensed his Education section to reflect the most important data that would appeal to an employer, including information on his scholarship, leadership course, and his additional training.

Additionally, we included Thomas’s clinical rotations, which weren’t on his original resume.