Change is Coming!

We all know change is inevitable, right? Well, after much thought and consideration, and nearly 30 years of improving resumes for people across the globe, Peterson’s has decided to wind down our interests in ResumeEdge. While the service will be temporarily unavailable to new users, there’s a new strategy in the works, and we hope to introduce a new version shortly – please check back soon for more information.

If you just signed up for ResumeEdge, don’t worry, we’ve got your back and will continue to provide you with our services through March 31st. We know that many of you have come to rely on ResumeEdge, and we want to thank you all for your trust in our product, and encourage you to come back for more information on how to access the new product.

Thank you again, and we’ll see you soon!

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September 23, 2013
Press Release

ResumeBuilder Launches, Features Expert Advice on a Budget

Navigating the road to a new career opportunity can be daunting, and many job seekers find that building a resume on their own is not as easy as it seems. Now, any job seeker can get a professional resume—without a high price tag. For less than thirty dollars, users can write, edit, and store as many resumes as they want or need over a 12-month period with ResumeBuilder, an online product from ResumeEdge.

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September 10, 2013
Press Release

ResumeEdge Welcomes a New Business Partnership

ResumeEdge is excited to announce their new partnership with Workfolio. ResumeEdge’s partnership strategy involves strategic selection of companies in the career space that help job seekers achieve their goals.

Workfolio provides personal websites for job seekers, enabling them to increase the visibility of their professional work while alleviating the pain of building a website. The application’s features are tailored to the specific needs of professionals, such as easy integration with social network profiles, an interactive career timeline, a professional blog, public file hosting, traffic analytics, custom email accounts and promotional tools.

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July 2, 2013
Press Release

ResumeEdge Explains the Importance of Resumes for New Grads

Unemployment and underemployment are two realities many graduates fear in our still-fragile economy. Although a recent New York Times article stated that unemployment for college graduates in April 2013 was only 3.9 percent (according to a report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics), there isn’t real cause for celebration. As the article pointed out, many of the jobs filled by college graduates don’t require college-level skills: they’re service industry positions such as file clerks, receptionists or retail and restaurant work.

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May 14, 2013
Press Release

ResumeEdge Explains Why a Professionally Written Resume Is a Must

Most employees have written a resume at least once in their career. As little as 15 years ago, resumes were simply documents that recorded an individual’s professional and academic history. The prevailing wisdom at that time was to begin a resume with an objective statement in which a candidate explained what job was being sought or what the individual expected in terms of employment.

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March 27, 2013
Press Release

ResumeEdge Explains Why These Five Topics Should Never Be Brought Up in an Interview

Every candidate wants to make a positive impression during a job interview. That means appropriate attire, impeccable grooming and a positive attitude. However, in this age of social media, the opportunity to engage with others online causes some individuals to take a casual approach to every interaction, whether it is personal or business. That can be a big mistake.

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