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Overcoming Employer Objections to an Online Degree

AUTHOR: Darlene Zambruski
POSTED: October 5, 2010 at 12:10 pm

As the world and economy changes so does the manner in which an individual completes educational requirements. To ensure that employers and interviewers give the same weight to an online degree as one received from a traditional school, include the following points on your resume or make mention of them during the interview process:

The Online School’s Accreditation. This, alone, should provide ample evidence to employers that the Bachelor’s or Master’s degree you received was not from a diploma mill, but from a legitimate institution of higher learning.

Quality of Education as Compared to a Traditional School: This can easily be proven by listing the coursework required for completion of a degree, including the required reading list for each course. These lists will most likely not differ from those in traditional schools. Mention can also be made that transcripts will be provided, upon request.

Does the Online School Have a Traditional Campus? If so, and classes are held there, mention that in the educational section. This lends credence to the school’s reputation.

School Instructors: Provide, if necessary, a listing of your instructors, their degrees, and the granting institutions.

Coursework Relevancy to Real World Practices: If your online coursework was specifically designed around ever-changing technology or the newest needs of an industry, be certain to mention that.

Are Graduates Recruited by Employers and Headhunters? If so, mention that in the educational section. Again, this lends credence to the school’s reputation.

Student or Employer Testimonials: If the online school provides these, include a link to that page in your resume.

One Last Point to Consider:

Showcase your multi-tasking skills in that you were able to attend school while continuing to hold a job. Employers are always impressed by self-starters that go the extra mile in educational and professional pursuits.

Working full-time while attending school online also gives employers the sense that you will remain at their company during new educational pursuits, rather than asking for time off.

  • william

    Darlene, good article. I just completed an online degree and I was having some objections from recruiters. Nobody would say anything but I have a feeling that this part of my resume was letting me down and not getting me into the interview. I ended up verifying the degree through ConnectCV. They offer an eVerfication service ( Things have been going well since, hopefully a job is just around the cnr.