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What Should You Look for in a Resume Writer?

CATEGORY: Hiring a Professional Resume Writer
POSTED: September 10, 2013 at 8:24 am

You’re out of work and see your dream job listed in an online ad. Or there’s an interesting opportunity in your industry and you want to apply. You’ve thought about hiring a professional to write your resume but aren’t sure what to look for in a writer. Here are four important things to consider when hiring a person to professionally write your resume.

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Has the writer professionally written resumes before? How, and in what way, was the person trained in resume writing? Is she or he a certified resume writer? Is the person, for example, certified by the Professional Association of Resume Writers that requires candidates to take a series of tests? Or has she or he passed The National Resume Writers’ NCRW certification exam?

Does the writer work for a professional resume writing service? If so, he or she has been vetted by the company and put through a rigorous assessment process. Companies want to know if their writers can write professional resumes and deliver them on time.

Many resume writers have received on-the-job training at corporations or outplacement counseling firms that extensively train them. In addition to receiving this training, they have a great deal of on-the-job experience writing resumes for their clients.

HR employees or those who work for recruiting firms are good bets, too. Most have either reviewed hundreds of resumes over the years or written them for others. The majority of these professionals know what employers want and can zoom in on industry buzz words.

Career counselors and coaches can be great resume writers. They have written resumes for many of their clients, and must stay on top of industry trends.

Industry-Specific Knowledge

Does your future resume writer have a good grasp of your industry and the position or positions you want? What industries are her or his specialties? If you are in IT, for example, you want to find someone who knows technology. Can the person tell hardware from software? Do they understand a tech support person’s duties?


How well does the potential resume writer communicate with clients? Does the individual’s website offer to set up an interview either in person or by phone? When exploring any service, does the writer ask about your background, work experience, education, or training? Are you questioned about your achievements or accomplishments? Or does the writer dismiss these matters and simply start writing your resume by using your previous one?

Success Rate

A good question to ask any potential resume writer: Has she or he written professional resumes before? Who were his or her clients? How many? Or has the writer just written resumes for friends, relatives, and co-workers?

What is the resume writer’s success rate? Have his or her clients landed targeted positions?

What do clients say about his or her work? You might want to see recommendations.

Because you are investing in your future by having your resume professionally written, it is wise to consider the answers to all of these questions before moving to the next step of hiring a writer. After all, a professionally written resume should help get you noticed by a future employer and eventually land you in your dream job.


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