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Learn From the Experts: Fast-Track Your Way To The Top!!

CATEGORY: taking charge of your career
POSTED: February 20, 2014 at 4:24 pm

You have started a new job and set your sights on moving into a top management position. You have figured that working hard will help you succeed. But it’s not that simple. Most people at the top have developed surefire strategies that have landed them in senior management positions in the C-Suite. Here are a few of their secrets:

Set Your Sights On A Specific Goal

I think you have all heard the expression: “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Without specific goals to move you along the right path,  it is a little like wanting to take a vacation without any exact destination in mind. Sure, you will land somewhere. But is it where you really wanted to go?

Take a tip from many senior executives who have made it to the top. Most set aside time to think about and make one and five year career goals and beyond. They regularly review those goals and adjust them as needed. If one thing doesn’t work out for them or the timing is wrong, for example, they move on to an alternative or Plan B.

Know and Document Your Achievements

Most of us do our jobs without thinking about the contributions that we are making to our companies. When asked about our contributions or achievements, many of us are just plain stumped. If you want to get ahead, start figuring out your achievements. The average manager assesses your ability to move to the next level based on his or perception of your work. You have to let them know about contributions, and this will help make the case for your promotion.

Start documenting everything you do at work.  How many clients or customers, for example, do you see or contact on a daily basis? How much revenue have you or your projects contributed to the bottom line? By jotting down this information every day, you will be able to arm yourself with enough information to ace your annual evaluation.

Think Outside the Box

A CEO once told me that he and his colleagues anticipated problems before they even happen and then offered solutions; this strategy helped them get to the top. These senior managers spend time thinking about different scenarios that might affect their organizations. Once they determined these possible scenarios, they came up with solutions to these problems. When these issues came up, they were well-prepared and beat the competition who were just starting to think about these problems.

Prize Each Steppingstone

Think of all of your positions as steppingstones to the top. Each one matters and prepares you to handle the responsibilities of roles further up the corporate hierarchy. You need all of these valuable experiences to step into your next role and successfully perform the responsibilities associated with it.

Do Not Be Afraid to Leave If You Are Standing Still

Thirty or forty years ago, job hopping was seen as a weakness and something very negative to do. Today, it is not only acceptable to job hop but expected. This is why companies spend millions of dollars to retain its best talent. So if you are stuck at a certain level and no see no movement as a possibility at our present company, it may be a good idea to consider moving on. These are a few proven strategies used by senior executives and CEOs to advance to the top. Use these nuggets of wisdom to help your journey result in success.


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