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How to Turn a Temp Position into a Permanent One

CATEGORY: Employment Tips
POSTED: April 16, 2013 at 7:35 am

by Kimberly S, ResumeEdge Certified Writer –

Temping has always been a great way to gain new skills, explore unfamiliar companies, or bring in a paycheck between permanent positions. However, in this tough job market, companies increasingly use temporary staff to not only meet office needs, but improve their bottom line. Over the next five years, according to a McKinsey report, almost 60% of employers expect to use even more part-time temporary or contract workers.

With temp work becoming the new norm in the workplace, what are the implications for your career future and financial stability? How can you play the game and turn your temp role into a full-time position? Read on to effectively leverage temping, and plan your strategy for full-time success.

Strategic Temping

Temping is actually one of the most effective strategies to land a permanent role. According to an American Staffing Association report, about 18% of temporary jobs are converted into permanent positions each year. As United Staffing Associates explains, in a sluggish economy, companies take the smart temp or temp-to-hire route to fill gaps while assessing candidates without making a long-term commitment—a chance to meet workers they might like to bring on permanently. So how do you make that happen? Here are some tips for planning your strategy.

Location, Location

Temp where you want to work. You’ll hone the skills you’ll need in that full-time role while being the first to jump at internal opportunities. Being in the right place at the right time is the key. Recruiters and hiring managers are more likely to hire an internal candidate already known by the firm, even if you are a temp. If you can’t find temp work at the company of your choice, temp for a similar company in the same field. You can build a contact base, which often connects across companies. But if you’re lucky to be temping where you want to be, more importantly, you’re able to treat your temp job like a long-term job interview.

Temping Is a Job Interview

Think of your temp work as an extended job interview—and prove you’re a rock star. Always do your best work and be professional, punctual, reliable, enthusiastic, cheerful, and conscientious. Make yourself indispensable. Exceed expectations, and make yourself an employee the company can’t live without. If you’re such a stellar staffer that employers start to “need” you, you’ll be heading to a permanent role. Go the extra mile, and put in additional hours when needed. Take on extra projects that require skills not used in your temp role. Adopt the company’s culture. Dress the part. You want to show that you already work there (for real).

Network the Enterprise

Build your contacts and make yourself visible. A temp job is a terrific networking venue. Be a team player, and make friends with the permanent workers. Circulate and meet Human Resources employees, senior managers, department heads, and anyone else with influence. Create a LinkedIn profile, and link with your co-workers. Keep your resume on hand. Make sure it’s up to date at all times, and have soft and hard copies ready; you never know when someone may ask to see it. When that golden moment arrives, make certain your resume is outstanding. Hire a reputable professional resume writing company, such as ResumeEdge, to ensure your resume is the most solid and effective tool it can be.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask

Let people of influence know from the start that you are interested in working full-time for the company. Plant that seed early on, so your work can be evaluated while you temp—and you could be regarded as a prospective candidate for an opening. If the right position comes along, don’t be afraid to ask for it. However, be patient—never pushy. Although it’s smart to convey interest in a permanent role early on, you don’t want to overtly ask for it right away. You also don’t want to be viewed as overly aggressive in selling yourself. There’s a fine line between being direct and confident and appearing pushy. Become a top performer, build your contacts, nail down your resume, and strategically make yourself visible—and you’ll be on your way to full-time status.

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