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Hot IT Skills for 2013

CATEGORY: Hot Skills
POSTED: March 12, 2013 at 3:02 pm

by David G, ResumeEdge Certified Writer –


As an Information Technology (IT) professional, you have a particularly challenging career to manage. Demand for certain technical skills is hot one year and cold the next. Dedicating your expertise in any one particular skill at the wrong time can make it difficult to land a new job and prevent you from getting that raise you want.

Keeping a close eye on which skills are in demand can give you an edge on stiff job competition, and let’s face it, it’s a tough job market out there. As such, we did the work for you by analyzing current job postings at Dice and IT Jobs Watch to discover what skills are trending.

Let’s look at the hottest IT skills for 2013 so you can decide for yourself whether you may need to change focus this year.

Hot Skill #1: Development

The more devices that go mainstream, the more opportunities that are available for application development. People continue to purchase multiple devices, and tablet growth is now red-hot. There are even rumors that Apple will soon reveal wearable technology called the “iWatch.”

Businesses that cooled off development projects in 2012 based on budget cuts are also playing catch up now.

Being proficient with the ability to development in C#, Java, and languages are getting the most attention.

Hot Skill #2: Database Administration

Relational database management systems, such as SQL Server and Oracle, continue to lead the pack for sought-after database skills. Having a command of writing SQL statements to query and manipulate databases is also expected.

Want to really stand out? Being proficient in both application development and database administration will have companies eager to interview you by potentially saving themselves an extra employee.

Hot Skill #3: Analysis

Businesses are trying to make better connections between human behavior and market demand. To do this efficiently, they need people to sift through enormous piles of data to back up business decisions.

The best candidates offer a unique blend of skills in statistical analysis, business knowledge, and deep technical skills.

Hot Skill #4: Website Design

HTML5-friendly, responsive websites are gaining increased attention. Google estimates over 50 percent of traffic to websites will be from a mobile device by 2014.

Companies are now scrambling to ensure they don’t lose people—and revenue—from having an unfriendly website experience. The ability to develop websites using JavaScript, HTML and CSS standards while providing a good user experience will make you stand out.

Hot Skill #5: Project Management

Greater demand for IT projects in 2013 means more project manager roles are available. PMP (Project Management Professional) certification helps get hiring managers’ attention, but experience is where it continues to matter most. Leading highly complex and integrated projects will really make your resume shine.

Knowledge of ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library), which is a framework for implementing IT projects, is also beneficial with its promise to increase productivity, reduce costs and make better use of skilled employees on your teams.

Hot Skill #6: Security

It’s been known for some time that applications are the weakest link in maintaining an organization’s security. This means growth in application development drives  the need for more skilled security staff. Being skilled in both application development and security can lead to some lucrative career options. In some security-conscious organizations, such as governmental departments, it’s even required.

Network security is less of a problem with the right hardware and security policies in place, but one simple misconfiguration can leave the door wide open to an attack. Hackers are becoming more sophisticated with their costly strikes. Highly skilled security personal capable of defending organizations can be worth their weight in gold.

Although the hottest skills for 2013 aren’t unexpected, for those who have had a difficult time finding work, this is going to be the year that companies play catch-up. Renewed focus on one of the above skills is going to give you the best possible opportunity to find yourself in demand.

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