Great Advice From Recruiters to Help you in the Job Interview

AUTHOR: Michelle K.
POSTED: August 26, 2014 at 3:46 pm

I recently met with a group of recruiters to discuss recruitment trends, plus things that can turn a recruiter off a candidate and what really stands out. These are their dislikes and likes, so make sure to take note, so you don’t make a costly mistake.

  1. Did you receive my application?

You applied to the position but haven’t heard anything from the recruiter. Do you call them? When? These recruiters almost all agreed you should give it at least a week before sending an email. Give them time to go through the applicants before inquiring about your application. They all prefer email as oftentimes they are working on so many positions they aren’t always prepare to give an answer when someone calls. Email gives them a chance to do the research and not feel as pressured.

  1. Be prepared

Many of the recruiters say they want every candidate to bring a pen and paper to the interview and take notes. A few recruiters said if the candidate doesn’t bring anything to take notes with they wouldn’t move them to the next step.

  1. Ask questions

Recruiters agree that candidates should ask questions and make sure they are good questions. They like when candidates ask about the growth and numbers of the organization, which shows that the candidate is truly interested.

  1. Do research and I don’t just mean online

The recruiters said that anyone can research the company online but suggest that you go beyond that and talk to employees. Find out what it’s like to work there—network and ask questions!

  1. Sometimes it is what you know

Don’t feel that just because you’re friends with someone at the organization you’re getting the job. Often, candidates come in overly confident because they have friends or family working there. They said that’s a turn off and often times the candidate doesn’t have the experience needed, so they aren’t getting the job – no matter who you know.

Everyone agreed that you can never be too prepared. On the day of your interview, if you feel like you studied up way too much, you’ll do just fine. Don’t be too pushy, ask great questions and take notes in the interview and this will leave a great impression.