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Global Resumes & Cover Letters: Austria

AUTHOR: Darlene Zambruski
POSTED: October 7, 2008 at 11:09 am


Resume Guidelines

Personal Information (include):

1. Date of Birth
2. Religion (optional)
3. Information Concerning Your Parents (ask client what this means)
4. Nationality
5. Marital Status
6. Number of Children

Education (include):

1. Details of junior, secondary schools, and colleges/universities attended in a chronological listing, plus years spent at each
2. Periods of study at foreign universities
3. Extracurricular activities, including Participation in Organizations, Special Events, or Specific

Professional Experience:

1. Indicate whether work was an internship, part-time or full time.

Special Skills (include):

1. Language Skills, with level of knowledge (fluent, good, basic)
2. Computer Skills

Military Experience (include):

1. Beginning and ending dates
2. If there is continuing involvement


1. Data should be presented in chronological format, in these sections:
A. Personal details: full name, title, address, phone numbers, date of birth, nationality, marital status, # of children
B. Education: primary, secondary, high school, college/university
C. Work experience: Full time as well as part time
D. Other skills: Languages and computer
E. Interests and hobbies

Length: A maximum of two pages

Cover Letter Guidelines

Content (include):

1. Hiring Manager’s Name in Salutation (if not stated in ad, call company to determine name)
2. Why you are applying
3. What is special about your application and why you have chosen this particular company
4. A request to interview

Length: No more than one page