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Get the Most Out of Your LinkedIn Profile

AUTHOR: Darlene Zambruski
POSTED: February 15, 2013 at 10:08 am

Every professional knows the value and necessity of an impactful LinkedIn profile. You would be hard-pressed to find a more expansive professional network right at your fingertips. However, are you getting the most value you can from it?

You Can Maximize Your LinkedIn Presence

I recently read a article – “8 Ways to Supercharge Your LinkedIn Profile“. The author uses a commonsense approach to the profile that targets it to a specific audience. Much like one would do with a resume. This strategy is invaluable. Rather than simply stating your background and hoping someone in your industry will come across it, tailor your information in order for it to reach your audience as quickly and completely as possible.


(Photo: Ragan)

What You Choose to Showcase is Key

The first point the article’s author addresses is to “Diversify Your Objectives.” He suggests updating your profile in the languages in which you are fluent. Create one for your English-speaking audience, another for those who speak Spanish. In this multinational, multilingual world, you need to capture the attention of different demographic segments. This is an excellent way to do that.

Always Keep Your Audience in Mind

Make certain your profile speaks to their interests and background, or as the article states – “Keep Your Communication Appropriate”.

Other Factors to Consider

The article also suggests these points:

  • Make Your Profile Stand Out. This is essential, especially in large and crowded industries such as marketing, information technology and the like. Always write with your results, not tasks, in mind.
  • Be Appropriate in Seeking Introductions. It’s better to find a common link to an individual and to seek an introduction through that contact rather than by simply showing up and introducing yourself. Your request to add that person to your contacts may be ignored.
  • Don’t Be Coy With Contacts. If you intend to ask for an introduction, let that person know why you’re seeking it. Everyone involved will know where you stand and will appreciate your honesty.
  • Don’t Neglect Your List of Skills. These are what recruiters, hiring managers and industry contacts search for. Make certain you keep your list updated at all times.
  • Use LinkedIn’s New Profile. The focus now is on an individual’s user presence, which highlights connections between industries, companies, geographic locations and users.

There are many ways to enhance your LinkedIn profile. The time to start is now to avoid missing any opportunities.

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