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Finding a job after the holidays

CATEGORY: Job search in New Year
POSTED: January 7, 2014 at 9:45 am

The holidays have come and gone, and some New Year’s resolutions are already broken. But for those set on finding a new job, the spirit of “new career must” present lives on. And the future looks bright.

With key decision-makers back in the office, you might reap the fruits of your labor spent posting for jobs during the holidays. Or you might find new postings that better suit your background.

First quarter has traditionally been a strong hiring period, particularly in the financial industry, according to , and suggests that major hiring initiatives typically follow close on the heels of the holidays.

So how can you power up your post-holiday job search?

Here are a few tips:

Get a resume makeover

 If you started your search well before the holidays and haven’t been getting results, maybe you need your resume revamped. Do your qualifications and accomplishments stand out at a glance? Or are they buried in a text-heavy, hard-to-read layout? Does 外汇交易平台 your resume include potential key words customized to each posting? Or are you sending out a general version for multiple positions? Has a professional or friend proofread your resume? Glaring typos or awkward wording could be keeping you from your dream job.

Editors Note: Countless studies have shown that professionally-written resumes get more interviews. to see which of our services is right for you.

Customize each cover letter

 When you apply for a position with an option to include a cover letter, do you the opportunity to do one? Your competition might be beating you out. Writing a cover letter conveys your serious interest in a position. You might think hiring professionals rarely read a cover letter word for word, but you never know whether a word you’ve included might grab their attention. Suppose they decide to narrow the candidate pool down to those with strong resumes AND who submit cover letters. Worth the time, right?

Polish your online presence

 If you’re in the market for a new job, you should use social media to your advantage. Sites such as LinkedInâ offer an innovative way to network by identifying first, second and third contacts for you at companies you might want to work for. It is important to keep your profile as updated and professional as your resume. If your image and credentials in your social media do not match your application, you might risk being screened out as a candidate.

Practice persistence and patience

 These days, finding a job and completing the application process can seem daunting. From assessing whether you meet the requirements to registering online to uploading your resume and other files … it takes time. Just remember, these persistent steps help place you in the candidate pool.

Finally, while the hiring season might be heating up, patience in your search is still a must. Don’t expect to find and secure a job overnight. First quarter represents multiple months, perhaps how long it could take to get through the interview and onboarding process. Ultimately, there’s no time like the present to start your journey to a “perfect” job, which will be well worth the wait in the end.





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