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Do Video Resumes Really Work?

AUTHOR: Darlene Zambruski
POSTED: September 22, 2009 at 8:51 am

The ability to create and post short audio and video clips on personal Web sites and video sharing sites such as YouTube has taken online communication to a new level. Job seekers are even using video technology to promote their employment candidacy by creating and distributing video resumes. Despite the growing popularity of this trend, it still begs the question, do video resumes really work?

Video Resumes Call For New Technology

The human resource professionals and recruiters interviewed for this article all said they would review a video resume. The reasons they gave were that they were curious about the technique and it would allow them to see how candidates present themselves and their public speaking skills. Still, video resumes are a ways out from becoming a mainstream form of resume distribution because someone can review five or six paper resumes in the time it takes to view one video resume. However, larger companies are investing in applicant tracking systems that will likely include a feature that enables hiring managers to quickly open and view video resumes.

A Properly Produced Video Resume can be an Effective Job Seeking Tool

The fact that HR professionals have said they would review a video resume means that it can be an effective tool to promote your candidacy. However, as with a text resume, not only does it need to capture and retain your audience’s attention, it needs to compel a hiring manager to contact you. With a video resume, you employ a combination of your appearance, presentation ability, and content to make your case. You have between 60 to 90 seconds to provide enough of the right information for the hiring manager to make an informed decision about you.

Take the Time to do it Right

Video cameras are very unforgiving. The first time someone goes in front of a television camera, they usually receive some coaching because the camera amplifies every movement and vocal slip-up. Your audience focuses on you the entire time so it can be very noticeable and distracting whenever you look away from the camera, move your arms, or stutter. Make sure you get clean video and audio recordings and edit out all mistakes to provide a clear and coherent product.

Video resumes will eventually become a common job seeking tool. And it won’t be long before the most skeptical employers will come on board. However, even the most top-of-the line production technology cannot compensate for a poorly produced resume. A well-crafted resume, whether on paper or on the screen is an investment in your career. It’s worth your while to devote the time and resources to create a good product.

  • Hi David,

    Our opinion is very similair to yours. While they can be useful, we do not know if they will actually take off. Only time will tell.. personally I am not so sure.. I think a video of a presentation or speech may be better in a portfolio form, after the first initial interview.

    We also prepared some advice should anyone want to create one, and linked to a fairly good example!


  • We also asked in our Executive Search linkedin group in anyone uses them, and the answer was no… although in a different from of video use in recruitment, some video interviewing takes place.