Create a Job Search Game Plan

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POSTED: June 20, 2011 at 7:30 pm

Where do I start?  This is the first question someone asks when they discover they might be caught in a cut-back at work or worse, told they are out of a job and sent home.  These are real situations that happen to people every day, and you must be prepared if it ever happens to you.  Of course, there are other situations where employees are simply keeping an eye open for better career opportunities.  In this case, it’s much less stressful, but the game plan is the same.

In order to get yourself out in the job market, there are two directions to take.  One is the confidential search which can make it a bit tricky when applying for a new job.  You certainly don’t want your current employer to get wind that you are looking around, so use caution when networking with others or responding to advertisements.  If your employer is well aware that you are seeking another job, it makes your task easier.  The internet affords people a world of information that will enable you to search the market.  Either way, the same techniques can be used.

Craft an effective cover letter or resume. 

Have those prepared by a professional resume writer so you know the documents are the best that they can be.   After all, the resume and cover letter are representing who you are and what you have to offer.  Typically you don’t get second chances to make a good first impression.

Identify companies that you would like to work for

Even if they aren’t advertising.  Many a job has been filled with a candidate who approached a company simply because they were impressed with the organization.  You never know what is going on behind the scenes and there very well might be an opening that hasn’t been made public.  Those are the best scenarios because there is so little competition!  If you are interested in a specific geographical area, gather contact information for companies in those specific cities and states.  Staying within your field of expertise is always a plus.  It just makes the transition so much easier for both you and the employer since you already know the ropes of their particular job or industry.  Of course, applying for opportunities you identify via the internet and newspapers is crucial.  Another avenue you can take is to network with others in your field by joining professional organizations and utilizing social networking services such as LinkedIn to connect with people in your field or companies you are interested in applying with.

Figure out what type of position you want and go after it.  It takes careful planning and keeping accurate notes of who you have contacted and when you need to follow-up to ensure that you cover all the bases.  Follow your game plan and devote at least an hour of your time each day to your job search and you will find success!

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