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AUTHOR: Darlene Zambruski
POSTED: January 25, 2011 at 9:58 am

Even though the job market isn’t anywhere near what it was before the Great Recession, now is really the time to be thinking about employment at other companies and sprucing up your resume.

You may ask why you should do that if you’re still employed. You’re one of the lucky ones to have a job. You’re in no hurry to look for work that might not be there. You’d just like to relax and get on with your day.

That could turn out to be a dangerous move.

Being Prepared for All Eventualities is Wise

In my part of the world, two major employers closed down at the end of last year. One of them employed a staff of 50. These individuals were told – three days before Christmas – that the company would no longer be operating on December 26. They were given only three days notice, no severance pay and the promise that they would get their accrued vacation days.

The second company wasn’t as forthcoming. Employees showed up at the door on Monday morning to find it padlocked. No explanations given. The owner simply closed the place. Close to 40 individuals are now without work and have little hope of ever seeing their last paychecks.

They may not have seen the end coming; perhaps it had been well-hidden from them by their employers. However, they should have been prepared for any eventuality. They should have been looking beyond their current company to other companies, perhaps a new trade.

Moving From One Job to Another Takes Planning

At the very least, they should have had a polished resume at the ready. Those that did can immediately go out and apply for new positions. Those that haven’t are now faced with the prospect of writing a marketing document, with themselves as the product, when they’re at one of the lowest points of their lives.

Don’t allow yourself to become complacent in a job. It’s never forever. Be prepared by looking into other employment opportunities, and always always have a well-written, professional resume on hand to submit to other positions.


Darlene Z.

Darlene Zambruski is a resume writing expert and CPRW (Certified Professional Resume Writer) with more than 13 years of industry experience. She has authored 10,000+ resumes in every industry and at every career level.

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