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Are You Using LinkedIn? You Should Be

AUTHOR: Darlene Zambruski
POSTED: July 5, 2013 at 2:00 am

There’s a very impressive infographic on MarketingProfs that shows LinkedIn‘s value when it comes to a candidate being recognized and contacted by recruiters and hiring managers. LinkedIn has approximately 200 users from 200 countries. Clearly, its reach is wide.

infographic(Photo credit:

And that’s what every professional needs, whether they’re looking for a job or not. I recently blogged about passive job seekers. They’re individuals who are currently employed, aren’t looking for new positions, but would take one if a better opportunity presented itself.

LinkedIn is a Valuable Opportunity

Nearly one in five of passive job seekers are actually contacted by recruiters because of their LinkedIn profiles – even though they never applied for the position! That’s amazing. LinkedIn is doing a lot of the leg work. It would be foolish not to use it as part of your employment plan.

Editors Note: 89% of recruiters use LinkedIn to find candidates. Our services include LinkedIn profiles, cover letters, resume writing and editing.

What are the Stats?

According to the MarketingProfs article ‘recruiters love LinkedIn’. Their infographic states:

  • 10% of jobs are filled using job networking sites (most notably, obviously, LinkedIn)
  • 73% of recruiters filled a position using social media in 2012, a 15% increase from 2011
  • 89% of recruiters have filled a position using LinkedIn at some point in time
  • 97% of all HR and staffing professionals use LinkedIn in their recruiting efforts

The numbers are impressive and they don’t lie.

The Hidden Value of Using LinkedIn

The infographic goes on to state that:

  • LinkedIn Increased Honesty: “It’s difficult to lie about one’s experience when every contact you’ve ever known can view what you’ve posted about your professional exploits.” That’s far different from a resume going to a select few in an industry. Hiring managers and recruiters know that many candidates lie or skirt the truth in their resumes and job applications. You can’t do that on LinkedIn and that’s why recruiters and hiring managers are using it.
  • Globilization: “Case in point, Etisalat in the United Arab Emirates, contracted with LinkedIn to transform their hiring services. LinkedIn has the ability to impact the job hunt well beyond this nation’s borders.” In terms of employment, the world has been shrinking for some time. We are a global economy. LinkedIn understands that and is using it to their advantage…and to yours.

More Stats – Social Recruiting

The infographic reveals these figures:

  • 54% of recruiters use Twitter in their candidate search
  • 66% are using Facebook
  • 93% – a whopping figure – are using LinkedIn

You can’t go wrong with LinkedIn. However, you should also be using Twitter and Facebook (a professional, not personal version) too. Do everything you can to maximize your chances.

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