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5 Ways to Tell if an Entrepreneurial Job Is Right for You

AUTHOR: Darlene Zambruski
POSTED: May 14, 2013 at 2:00 am

Has the thought of being an entrepreneur and running your own business—to create and drive success by managing and growing a team—crossed your mind as something you’ve always wanted to do?

If your answer is ”yes”, then a job in which you’re being micro-managed daily is never going to work for you. If you possess an innate entrepreneurial spirit, it’s important that you  put yourself in a position to take advantage of those strengths.

Entrepreneurs Make the Economy Run

Entrepreneurs drive innovation and are a major boon to our economy. However, you don’t have to be a business owner to take on the same kind of role as an entrepreneur. In fact, taking on an entrepreneurial role within a company can have the same rewards, such as increased pay based on your performance and freedom to make most of the decisions while eliminating much of the risk that comes with opening your own business.

Many of the largest companies in the United States need employees who are filled with entrepreneurial spirit and are driven to create success while being self-reliant. Companies that embrace these ideals often are looking for a specific type of person to join their ranks. Consider the following five questions when thinking of making a career change. It’s quite possible the enterprising business world could be the right fit for you.

1.     Do you want to be managed or be the manager?

 This seems like such a straightforward thought, but would you rather be in charge or have someone assign and control your daily work?  Job seekers looking for an opportunity at an entrepreneurial company MUST be comfortable in a leadership role, even if that means just leading yourself. Chances are your tenure at the company will provide the opportunity for you to be an independent thinker, manage your own tasks, explore new avenues, and dive into ideas that fall outside the proverbial box.

 2.     How much do you trust your gut?

 A successful entrepreneur is one who trusts his or her gut feeling about a decision. Sometimes they’re right and sometimes they’re wrong, but companies who value their employees, in turn, value their knowledge and ability to make smart, critical decisions. Consider whether or not your temperament is truly independent—if you are comfortable with going against the tide or not. If so, a position in an entrepreneurial company could be just the fit for you.

 3.     What’s your view on salesmanship?

 At Hajoca we often ask our candidates for their view on salesmanship during the interview process. As a company that highly values an entrepreneurial spirit in our employees, we want to know if that question invokes a positive or negative response. The reason is simple—employees must have at least a small amount of “salesman” in them to be a successful entrepreneur. Communicating the value of the product you sell or service you provide is just as important, if not more so, than the actual product or service. If explaining its importance to customers, employees, suppliers, and vendors is difficult, you’re going to have a hard time succeeding in an entrepreneurial environment.

4.     Do you have a “by any means necessary” quality?

Enterprising personalities are those that see the end goal and will always find a way to achieve it. Entrepreneurial companies often require employees to go above and beyond what’s expected in order to reach their goals. It’s this personal sense of drive that defines the right employee for the job.

5.     Are you comfortable with taking risks?

 There’s no doubt that entrepreneurship goes hand in hand with risk. Entrepreneurs don’t have as many safety nets or others to turn to when decisions and situations go awry. If the idea of potentially failing doesn’t make your stomach flip but instead you see it as an opportunity to prove your worth, consider companies that value risk-taking when looking for a job.


Haley Heieck

Recruiter, Management Training Program  //  Hajoca Corporation

Haley Bio Photo





Haley Heieck is a recruiter for Hajoca Corporation’s Management Training Program, a three year training program used as a source of external talent for leadership positions.  Prior to her time with Hajoca, she managed two academic internship programs for The Fund for American Studies in Washington, DC.  A graduate from the University of Oregon, Heieck is an avid college sports fan and enjoys cycling, traveling and photography. For more information on Hajoca, please contact:

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