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Saranne M.

Saranne is a senior resume writer and quality assurance editor at where she delivers the highest level of quality and service to her customers. As an editor and writer with more than 20 years of experience as a journalist, newspaper editor, book editor, medical writer, and public relations specialist, Saranne has served more than 500 clients on a global scale. She has created compelling resumes and cover letters for professionals across manufacturing, healthcare, general contracting, trades, public services, marketing & sales, foodservice, and higher education. Saranne has also developed content for corporate-level executives who have penetrated and held international markets, expedited high-impact business mergers and acquisitions, positioned new products from concept to launch, and built multibillion dollar enterprises regardless of economic disturbances and market turbulence. In addition to writing and ensuring ResumeEdge quality, Saranne served as a company spokesperson at the 2006 Wall Street Journal Diversity Career Fair. Saranne holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Pennsylvania State University.

A Resume Tip from Saranne M

When approaching the resume-writing process, begin with a clear idea of the professional role you are seeking so that all aspects of your resume lead in the direction of attaining your targeted objective.

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I think Saranne M. is one of the best resume writers in ResumeEdge!! Her works are excellent and I am very satisfied with them. In addition, her attitude is always polite and sincere, so I could work with her very comfortably. In fact, when I requested an addition, she was willing to accept it and gave me better revision than I had expected. I guess I will need another resume writing service in the future, and I am sure I will designate her for my writer! Thank you for your cooperation.

~ Shinnosuke S.

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ResumeEdge has more than 40 professional resume writers with personal experience in over 40 industries—including the one you want a job in. Our resume writers have written more than 100,000 resumes, are certified through an ongoing QA process, and create compelling resumes using a highly collaborative process.

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