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Kristen S.

Kristen has over 20 years experience working in the pharmaceutical industry. She has worked directly in the regulatory publishing field, quality control and quality assurance. In addition, she is an entrepreneur, business owner, real estate agent,  and general contractor in the construction field. She has developed and led companies through the introduction of new functions, implementation of multi-million dollar IT systems, including document management and publishing systems to support global electronic and paper regulatory submissions. She also has direct cross-functional business process development and general managerial experience. Kristen has worked in companies ranging in size from 50 employees to those with more than 1000. She has started her own companies from the ground up and has a full understanding of corporate and business topics.

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Showcase your accomplishments to a hiring manager. It tells them how you contributed to the success of the organization and highlights what makes you different from the other resumes in the pile.

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