Meet Our Professional Resume Writers

Ebony J.

As a Certified Human Resource Professional with five years of recruiting experience, Ebony knows the qualifications and skills that hiring managers are looking for in potential candidates. She has recruited candidates across a wide array of industries to include but not limited to: Financial, Accounting, Managerial, Administrative, Human Resources, Education, etc. She has since transferred her recruiting skills into higher education, where she currently advises students and alumni in the job search process aiding them in gaining employment. In this role she is required to remain knowledgeable about current employment, resume writing and interviewing trends. She holds both a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) along with a Certification in Human Resources (PHR) providing her with a breadth of knowledge on business and industry and workforce trends.

Resume Tip:
Be sure to discuss accomplishments and not responsibilities when creating your bullet points to outline tasks performed on each job. You want to ensure that you are clearly stating what you did and how you did it as well as starting each bullet point with an action verb. An equation to assist in formulating these bullets is as follows: Action Verb + Skill + Task = Result!