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Dodie T.


Dodie joined ResumeEdge in 2005 and since that time she has written or edited more than 1,000 résumés and cover letters for clients at every career stage, from entry-level to senior executives, in various industries including Human Resources, Administrative/Support Services, Law Enforcement/Security, Marketing/Public Relations, Logistics/Transportation, Maintenance, Manufacturing, Banking, Financial Services, Sales, Accounting/Auditing, Consulting Services, Education, Restaurant/Food Service, Real Estate/Construction, and Arts/Entertainment. Dodie worked as a Career Counselor for the Army Career and Alumni Program (ACAP) after serving on active duty with the US Army Reserve. In addition to being a Certified Professional Résumé Writer (CPRW), she is also a Certified Employment Interview Professional (CEIP) through the Professional Association of Résumé Writers and Career Coaches. During her time with ACAP she helped create and facilitate interview workshops. With ResumeEdge she has coached a variety of clients in preparation for interviews. She holds a Master of Education in Human Resource Development from Colorado State University and a Bachelor of Arts in Speech Communication from North Carolina State University.

A Resume Tip from Dodie T

Quantify your experiences as much as possible. Listing your tasks and responsibilities may seem like a good place to start, but that list doesn’t tell employers why they should hire you over someone else. Use numbers, percentages, and dollar amounts – especially for any results you have produced – to demonstrate your effectiveness to a potential employer.

What Customers Are Saying About Dodie

  "Dodi  was just brilliant. I am extremely happy and pleased with my resume, cover letter, and the service she provided. She was very professional, yet kind and friendly. I have already referred your service to my friends and collegues for example the senior emlpoyment advisors for the US Embassies, who already asked me who wrote my resume because it was amazing and they always have many, many people asking for resume help."

~ Michael K.

I want to thank Dodie for her efforts. My resume more than meets my expectations. It was nice talking to her on the phone, and I'm impressed with the way she took every detail I mentioned, highlighting them in the resume and cover letter.

~ Sanae R.

This new resume is wonderful! Dodie did a phenomenal job of improving my resume.

~ Michael E.

My resume writer, Dodie, was amazing! She was incredibly patient and attentive, and was able to make sense of all of my information and materials to produce a phenomenal resume. I received more than a dozen interviews as a result of my resume, and recently accepted a great position!

~ Elina M.

I really appreciated that Dodie asked me questions and read through all of my responses to help fill in the details. It was great to have her call me, and to really hear what I was saying. I'm extremely pleased with the service. As soon as I hit Submit on this testimonial, I'm going to order a cover letter.

~ Courtney B.

Dodie was amazing! Thanks to her, I got the job!

~ Sarah N.

100% improvement - thanks, Dodie!

~ Stephen T.

I have gotten three interviews so far from using the resume and cover letter you developed! Thank you so much for your help!

~ Elina M.

Thanks to the resume you wrote, I got the job! I couldn't have done this without you.

~ Sarah N.

Dodie established a collaborative working relationship in her introductory email and biography. She is a skilled writer and engaged me in dialogue as her client from start to finish.

~ Christine M.

Dodie's ability to enhance a resume is amazing. She really connects with the individual and goes above and beyond to help you be the preferred candidate in search. A gem for any company to have.

~ Robert R.

I was very happy working with Dodie, who asked the right questions and reflected those answers in her draft. I was impressed with how quickly she worked, while making sense of the information I provided, both written and oral. I was also pleased with the honesty of the company in advising that I did not need some of the services I paid for and the money was promptly refunded.

~ Karen M.

It was a great experience working with Dodie. She asked all the right questions in the phone interview to help create an accomplishment-focused resume. She did a great job focusing on the "so what" elements of my roles and handled the variety of roles within a single company very well. I have already recommended this service and Dodie to others. Thanks for a great experience.

~ Melissa M.

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