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Dane W.

Dane is a workforce development professional with over three years of experience aiding clients with planning and executing their respective job searches. He has also spent time as a contracted headhunter for entry-level sales positions with a national, payroll-software company. As someone whose career has centered around the task of assessing an individual’s viability for a given form of employment, Dane is highly adept at ensuring that clients’ résumés speak to employers’ needs by highlighting their professional achievements and relevant skill sets. A CPRW since 2011, he has hosted résumé-writing workshops throughout the Las Vegas valley and has written, edited or critiqued hundreds of résumés from a wide variety of industries and occupations. Dane earned a Bachelor of Science in Communication from Cornell University in 2009. 

A Resume Tip from Dane W

Opening your resume with an Objective amounts to beginning a sales pitch with an explanation of what you hope to get out of the deal. In order to sell yourself to employers with your resume, you need to explain how your product (you) can meet their needs. Start off with a Professional Summary that includes your years of relevant experience and, most importantly, notable career accomplishments.

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