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Should I Relocate?

CATEGORY: Find the Right Job
POSTED: August 20, 2011 at 7:23 pm


With so many people out in the employment market these days, searching for the job of your dreams can be quite challenging. If you are limiting your search to a specific geographical area, you certainly will need to do intense research on all the companies and organizations that might have openings for a candidate with your qualifications. You simply will not want to limit yourself by submitting your resume to only companies that are advertising.

One option that can become quite tiresome is driving an hour to an hour and a half each way to a new job. This will eventually take a toll on your car and your wallet. When you factor in costs of car repairs, tires, gasoline and even the mental stress of being in an automobile three hours day in and day out, traveling can get old.  Think long and hard before you accept a position that will result in this lifestyle.

Is Relocation For You?

If you are able to broaden your horizons and look for a position outside of your current city or state, opportunities will become more abundant. Candidates who are “open to relocation” are often able to uncover many interesting opportunities that otherwise would not have been available to them. In the old days, companies would assist in relocation expenses and even the cost of selling a house. Things have changed with the economy being what it is today, and sometimes even relocation assistance isn’t available, leaving prospective employees to fend for themselves.

Make sure you have enough in the bank to cover these costs before diving into a relocation experience. You will run into deposit costs for apartments, utility companies, telephone companies, etc. If you are buying a house immediately, many times you will have to come up with a down payment for a new loan as well as expenses for appraisals, closing costs, etc. If you are moving to a new area that you are not familiar with, it is advisable to find an experienced realtor to help you get into the right neighborhoods. The last thing you want to do is move into a high crime part of town. Be sure to get to know the city before you settle on anything.

Be Prepared Before Making the Decision

Moving can be an exciting adventure. On the other hand, it can turn into a frightening and lonely experience. If you decide to relocate, get to know those around you so you’ll feel at home in your new surroundings. Many people make these moves and simply go to work and return home each day. This can prove to be boring after a time and it will show in your attitude at work. A happy person is a productive employee.

Lou H.

Along with serving as a professional job interview coach, Lou has crafted thousands of resumes and assisted clients at all career levels within a wide variety of industries. She demonstrates exceptional writing abilities which enable candidates to consistently realize their career goals.

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