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Introducing JobInterviewEdge

AUTHOR: Darlene Zambruski
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POSTED: November 24, 2009 at 12:19 pm

Today I’d like to introduce a new service that will be implemented shortly at ResumeEdge.com. Our mission has always been to assist jobseekers in whatever way possible, so they attain their dream jobs. To that end, we will be adding JobInterviewEdge.

What is JobInterviewEdge?

It’s a job interview coaching service that will prepare you for the daunting job interview process by providing computer-based interviewing skills training and a personalized mock interview with a certified interview professional.

Personal coaching will be conducted by our editors who have been awarded CEIP (Certified Employment Interview Professional) certification through the PARW/CC (Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches) and those who have reached certification through ResumeEdge.com. The standards are high, the training intense. Each certified editor is an expert in interview counseling and will shepherd their clients through the arduous interview process.

The Personal Coaching Element

1. Job Interview Preparation Sheet to provide your coach with information to prepare your mock job interview

2. Consultation with your coach to review your job interview preparation sheet

3. “Mock” job interview by telephone with your certified coach

4. Immediate Telephone Critique of the mock job interview with your coach

5. Formal Written Critique of your mock interview delivered within 24 hours

Each mock interview is recorded, providing you with an opportunity to play it back and review it at a later date.

In upcoming blogs, I will detail the service offerings and the intricacies of an interview.

To make this service truly valuable, we want to hear your thoughts on what else you’d like to see and how we can improve on what’s provided.

Darlene Z.

Darlene Zambruski is a resume writing expert and CPRW (Certified Professional Resume Writer) with more than 13 years of industry experience. She has authored 10,000+ resumes in every industry and at every career level.

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