About ResumeEdge

What We Do

It all began in 1998 with a red editing pen and a desire to help people go places.

A hundred thousand resumes later, the ResumeEdge network has grown to more than 40 professional resume writers with personal experience in more than 40 industries—including the one our customers want a job in. ResumeEdge writers help create engaging resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles that catch the eye of recruiters and hiring managers. Our customer satisfaction rating is more than 98% because we are dedicated to meeting one objective—making sure our clients achieve career success.

Most other resume writing services available online are provided by small companies run by one or two people. With such a small staff, it is difficult to operate a business, write and edit resumes, be experts in every industry, and still have time to understand the latest hiring and recruiting trends.

ResumeEdge is backed by Nelnet, a national education services company. We have a whole team of professionals behind the scenes that keep the business moving, so our network of resume writers can focus on writing resumes that get you where you want to go.

Our Leadership Team

ResumeEdge is powered by a dynamic team that focuses on each segment of the business. Read about our team leaders below to discover more about their backgrounds and what makes them tick.

Ben Kiser | Managing Director

Ben provides strategic oversight to the ResumeEdge team. He sets a common vision and mission for the company, helps develop business strategy, and leads business development. Ben also ensures we deliver exceptional customer service and the highest level of products to the job seekers who choose ResumeEdge. He has worked in communication, media, and public relations for more than 10 years. Ben’s infamous around the office for practical jokes and attends many, many dance recitals for his three daughters.

Michelle Kruse | Recruitment, Editor, and Content Manager

Michelle has over 10 years of hiring and recruiting experience for companies like Novartis and IBM, in addition to a background in coaching and a Master’s in leadership development. Michelle recruits and hires our resume writers, provides training and ongoing support, and maintains resume quality through a strenuous QA process. Michelle also manages content strategy and strategic partnerships and serves as a subject matter expert on the job search process. When she’s not helping job seekers land their dream job, Michelle enjoys spending time with her three little girls, traveling the globe and going to concerts.

Ed Skiba | Back-End Developer, Software Engineer

Ed’s cutting-edge technology skills include implementing and managing ResumeEdge’s various development platforms, coding languages, operating systems, and databases. He maintains the website, develops recommendations for new technology, and works behind the scenes to ensure the customer’s ResumeEdge experience is seamless. Ed has more than 15 years’ experience in IT management, development, systems integration, and Intranet/Internet administration. Originally from the Jersey Shore, Ed drag races, spends hours target shooting, and has “jumped out of a perfectly good airplane” more than 100 times.

Emir Plicanic | Front-End Developer, UI/UX Designer

Emir Plicanic

Emir is devoted to improving the customer experience. Through interactive design and art direction, he simplifies websites so users can find what they want—quickly and easily. Emir has translated the latest interactive research and trends to his designs for nearly a decade, most recently developing websites that respond to various screen sizes and device capabilities. Emir speaks three languages, has biked coast-to-coast with his wife, brews homemade beer, and drinks an insane amount of coffee.

Brittny Rowse | Supervisor

Brittny began working at ResumeEdge in May 2010. Her dedication to her team, efficiency, and quality enabled her to quickly earn promotions on our WorkForce Management Team to a Specialist in November 2010, and again to Team Leader in October 2012. Brittny works closely with operational leadership to provide direction and support for both customers and call center team members. In her free time, Brittny enjoys playing sand volleyball, softball, supporting her Huskers, and spending time with her dog, Leila.

Misty Wendt | Product Manager

Misty Wendt provides innovative online marketing solutions and product management that gives ResumeEdge a competitive edge in an ever-changing marketplace. With more than a decade of online and offline marketing experience, Misty’s proactive and well-researched approach has allowed her to leverage new technology solutions and innovative social media strategies. When not staying abreast of the latest and greatest digital technologies, Misty enjoys playing with her two corgis and challenging friends and family to board games.

Terri McKinney | Senior Marketing Manager

Terri has been instrumental in helping ResumeEdge create a distinct, reputable brand that resonates with customers. As marketing manager for ResumeEdge, Terri evaluates business needs and communication objectives to develop brand strategy, messaging, and social media tactics that deliver an experience that exceeds customers’ expectations. She also manages all customer and product research. Terri is an avid runner, which helps in keeping up with her 2-year-old daughter.

Part of Something Bigger

ResumeEdge is a subsidiary of Nelnet—a publicly-traded education services company with 2,400 employees and assets of more than $24 billion.

Nelnet provides innovative education-related products and services—such as college test prep, tuition payment plans, student loan servicing, and more—that help students, families, and schools reach their goals. Through ResumeEdge, Nelnet provides recent graduates (and other job seekers) with the tools to succeed on their career journey.